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Vintage Car on Rent in Udaipur

Udaipur is among the popular historical cities in Rajasthan that attract thousands of visitors yearly. The ancient relics, majestic palaces and impressive heritage keep the tourists mesmerized for a long. To ensure your Udaipur tour becomes a memorable experience, you have to arrange for suitable transport options. Rather than hiring from any typical car rental agency, it would be an excellent idea to hire beautifully–restored vintage cars to tour Udaipur, is not it? At Agrawal Tours and Travel, we offer top-notch Vintage Car on Rent in Udaipur.

It is also known as Best Texi Service in Udaipur.

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Rent a Vintage Car for a Day

We offer aesthetic and comfortable vintage cars on rent for people with plans to tour Udaipur and adjacent places. Our vehicles have been restored well and provide a pleasant ride experience. Visualize the feeling of riding those beauties on wheels, most likely used by the descendants of the royal families in Rajasthan!

We have an impressive range of vehicles of the bygone era. You can rent a vintage car for a day or several days per your plans and needs. Choose from models like the Mercedes Benz 280S, manufactured in 1969 or an even vintage contender, the gorgeous Chevy Master 1935. There is also the Ford Model A, 1932.

Vintage Car Rental in Udaipur

Why seek our vintage car rental service at Udaipur?

We receive plenty of bookings from clients of varying types for Vintage Car Rental in Udaipur. They are delighted with the experience; some have also approached us. When you seek our services, you get a number of advantages:

  • All our cars are maintained in good condition. No matter how vintage the models are, we ensure they fulfil client expectations. From upholstery to amenities, we tick all the boxes.
  • We have some of the best and most professional drivers. They are well-versed in handling and driving vintage-era vehicles. Besides, they are experienced and will not give you any reason to grudge about timing or anything. Of course, they know the roads in and around the city very well, and you need not fret about losing your way.
  • We do not charge a whopping amount for vintage car rental in Udaipur. You can compare our charges with other players to get a better idea.
  • As a company specializing in vintage car hire services, we are thoroughly professional. When you hire vintage vehicles from us, the overall experience is likely to be a pleasant one. We do not impose any additional charges, and our staff is capable of customizing a package.

Vintage Car Hire

We offer vintage car hire for special events

At Agrawal Tours and Travel, we do more than offer vintage car tour packages in Udaipur. We also offer such vehicles for special events. You may, for example, hire our vintage cars for special occasions like destination weddings.

Vintage Car Rental for Wedding in Udaipur

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Do you want to know more about the packages offered by us? Maybe you are thinking of Vintage Car Rental for Wedding in Udaipur but feel unsure about the cost. Just get in touch with us, and our team will help you finalize.

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